Sunday, January 1, 2012

Re: African Americans and Pathological Stereotypes

Re: African Americans and Pathological Stereotypes: Assumptions about race can lead to wrong conclusions and prejudice. December 26, 2011 by Dr. Monnica Williams, Ph.D. in Colorblind

How about the pathologization of logical rational thinking and the attempts to validate the neurologically typical tendencies to

1) engage in meaningless and pointless activities such as "small talk", often about scrap as silly as what Lindsay Lohan just did to get herself into more stupid trouble

2)accept a) hypocritical and obviously false absurdities such as what passes for "news", religious views (stuff as bizarre as the Nicene Creed) or b) bogus "morals" and "values" just to gain status and identity in fit in.

I'd be lower class citizen than an African lesbian anywhere on the planet apparently. At least they have large "loud and proud parades" and protests. Do they suffer a 12% employment rate? Do they have "advocates" like Homosexuality Speaks who want a genetic test so such people can be aborted and tell them that if they come to the organization's conferences they should be seen (freak show) but not heard (definitely not listened to). (By the way when it comes to the LGBT community I hear that some are more equal than others but that is another story).

If psychiatrists don't think it is acceptable to believe the middle age notion that women are perpetual children who never grow up or the colonial and industrial eras notion that Negroes are neurologically different (that is, stuck somewhere between chimpanzees and Caucasians), why do courts allow them to violate the Constitution and use the same bogus methodology under color of medicine and law on Aspies like me?

Probably a very disproportionate percentage of social workers are at least either African-American or female. Yet they accept the "Medical" Model when it is someone else being discriminated against. Where the hell is the ACLU and various other organizations?

I D.A.R.E. (Dextroamphetamine Awareness and Resistance Education -- don't peddle drugs, your local and state school board hates competition) you to print this!!!

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