Thursday, November 10, 2011

Re: Curiosity Is society getting worse?

Re: Episode 12: How evil are you? (Milgram Experiment and its remake)

We need another part to the series:

How about such organizations as the Judge Rotenberg Center? What they engage in isn't even an experiment; It is called "treatment" for a neurological difference that is assumed to be a "disease" despite the fact that numerous "theories" (hypotheses) have been proposed that have lead no place except to 1930s-Germany-style state terrorism instead of a real attempt to figure out why a growing proportion of the population aren't able to function in evolving (devolving?) social systems. How about a a part two regarding the evils of the delusional quackery called "psychiatry" where sentience is denied whenever politically convenient (not for the patient), concentration camps are called "hospitals," and torture is called "treatment?"

Dr Pogrom shows yet more contempt for justice and empathy; gets a slap on the wrist

(old news by now, thought I'd post anyways)

If an autistic like me defied a court and destroyed evidence (or headed an organization that did) they wouldn't have to send me to Uzbekistan for extraordinary rendition, would they?

Founder Of Electric Shock Autism Treatment School Forced To Quit (original)
(and elsewhere)

He also gets five years probation. I hope he at least sung like a songbird / squealed like a pig in order to get such a light sentence in an age of "zero tolerance."

Matthew Israel (and undoubtedly most of the concentration camp's staff) should have been terminated alright -- using his favorite form of punishment, of course -- electricity.