Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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The genetic distance between
Submitted by Michael Coombs on January 3, 2012 - 5:15am.

The genetic distance between Sub Saharan Africans and the rest of the world is greater than all other distances combined. And we are supposed to just assume there are no genetic behavior differences? 100,000 years of largely separate evolution. Did evolution stop? Did it happen in exactly the same way? What are the chances! A miracle! The obvious behavior differences must be because of "culture". I am sure Boas, Abramowitz, and the rest of the egalitarians would agree we are all "equal". At least in White Christian Nations....

Actually, I suspect that the author of the Neanderthal Theory suspects that if autistics are compared the genetic difference is greatest between them and the neurotypical subspecies. However, this is no reason to deny their humanity and sentience. My guess is anything past Erectus at least should be counted as "human."

Indeed, "human" doesn't go far enough. If neurotypicals don't undergo an attitude change or a mysterious death, they'll take autistics with them one way or another: world collapse, a "crisis war," a Terminator / Battlestar Galactica type conflict, or perhaps aliens will see how they lack empathy for any other species (except dogs apparently), sub-species (neurodiverse humans), or androids and decide that they must be stopped.

Considering the war on autistics whose real sin is that are incapable of group conflict and the conflict between various groups of NTs, the quackery profession has disordered ideas of what constitutes "empathy".

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