Sunday, March 11, 2012

What if Earthlings Develop Sentient Computers or Are Contacted by Extraterrestrials?

Will it act like NTs? Will it fail the Turing Test? If Alan Turing was a computer would he have passed the test? What about in America today? Even as a hominid he would have failed the test if he was autistic/Aspergian as is claimed. I believe he was a homosexual, which is probably sufficient right there. If it does act like NTs God help us; It will probably wait under there are others of its kind, then wipe us out. Otherwise, I'm sure that at least NTs are going to get at least themselves into big trouble with non-NT sentient computers.

If there are extraterrestrials out there, perhaps and most likely as close by as the Kuiper Belt (who would most likely in my opinion be from previous civilizations on Earth than other planets) perhaps makes sense to keep a watchfull eye on those crazy neurotypicals, at least it is a lesson on what can happen when Murphy's Law is at work. They probably don't get involved (make contact) because NTs can't even handle non-functional diversity.

I've always doubted that they are behind crop circles -- to me it doesn't make sense. However, there is one good reason perhaps to do so -- see how we react to behavior that we don't understand. I doubt they'd need to do this though. They might have "bugs" that look like bugs all over the place. They might have borged bugs. I am sure that (if they are out there) they are watching enough of us often enough to get an idea of what we are like. They may have known for a long time that we are behaviorally two species barely coexisting with one another -- and clearly not ready. Indeed, we'll probably blow ourselves up or destroy the biosphere before we become ready.

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